Sound Wave

Sound Wave Horse

Pain relief & relaxing and reliable effect

Deep tissue stimulation from the vibrations triggers the body’s own response mechanisms and helps to relieve muscle pain. This was used successfully for many years.

Pain reduction and regeneration for horses.

With its relaxing and reliable effect the Sound Wave Therapy can also be used in horses, dogs, cats and other animals. Targeted local vibrations provide deep stimulation to muscles and tissue. This reduces pain and normalizes motion sequences as the result of compensatory postures, e.g. in orthopedic or neurological disorders. Animals experience this gentle treatment as very pleasant.

Its penetration effect, in contrast to other therapy devices that only offer surface stimulation. The vertical stimulation pushes gentle sound waves deep into the tissue.

The application of the vibration massage can be relaxing or stimulating, adding to the wellness feeling. A stimulating effect is generated by transmitting gentle vibrations to skin surfaces, muscles, cartilage and tissues, which can often be felt for several minutes up to hours after the application. It is very easy. The  treatment allows to choose between a more continuous massage (100 Hz) or more of a tapping massage (50 Hz). It also provides relief of minor muscle aches and pain.

Expandable with a variety of attachments for ideal treatment results for your horse.

Sound Wave Therapy can be used for different areas of the body:

  • Head, Neck and Throat
  • Shoulder
  • Back
  • Sacroiliac Joint
  • Hindquarters
  • Extremities
The Sound Wave Therapy, made in Germany and certified as a medical device manufacturer by TÜV Süd in Germany. The efficacy of vibration therapy has been investigated and the results have been published in many studies.

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* The Sound Wave Therapy Session is not a replacement for physio or chiropractic Practitioner. Sound Wave Therapy should be used as treatment for relaxation and/or reduce pain and normalizes motion sequences as the result of compensatory postures.