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With a rubber shell and a core of steel! one more solution for healthy hooves.

Patrick Hesse (owner of Equine Athletes) along with Patrick's friend and trusted farrier Martin Vögele, a certified traditional blacksmith in Germany who has been treating Patrick's own horses for more than 15 years, have a mission to introduce a one-of-a-kind horseshoe that Martin helped design for the Swedish company Öllöv, which continues to improve its Öllöv rubbershoes through biomechanical and physiological research. 


Jumping ● Dressage ● Sportdriving ● Eventing ● Endurance ● Rehab ● Trotting ● Icelandic
●Working Equitation ● Police ● Military ● Carriage horses

You will find Öllöv rubbershoes in many sport disciplines and rehabilitation. Mounted Police Forces all over the world are choosing Öllöv rubbershoes thanks to the added grip and safety they offer both horse and rider. 

  • USA - Denver, Las Vegas, New Orleans
  • Middle East - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha
  • Europe - Oslo, Lisbon, Gothenburg 
  • Asia - Bangkok, Seoul
  • South America - Lima Peru (military)

The rubber shell absorbs shock and vibrations, making it more comfortable and gentle to both horse and rider. Less vibration travels through the horse, which over time promotes long-term health and agility of the horse. 

Martin Patrick Equine Athlete

The rubbershoe offers excellent grip on many surfaces, including asphalt, ice, grass and cement, giving the horse a secure feeling, promoting a full step in every step without hesitation. The new Softstep shoe also has a pattern in the rubber to offer an even better grip also on grass. Öllöv is outstanding for horses in rehabilitation, recovering from various health issues.

The shoe has been used extensively for 20 years in different rehab situations with great success. Öllöv offers improved bloodflow in the hoof thanks to shock absorption and added movement in the hoof itself.

In various disciplines you will gain a vast amount of benefits with the Öllöv rubbershoe.

  • JUMPING: benefits include dampening of maxload, shoe is wider and offers more surface to land on distributing the impact, additional grip on grass and fiber which can be determining for small margins.
  • DRESSAGE: more relaxed step gives horses improved movements
  • DRIVING: added grip on the various surfaces and comfort on the hard surfaces, improved movements
  • ENDURANCE: added grip enables even speeds on various surfaces and in down and uphills. Promotes less tired legs.

This new generation Öllöv has a different forged steel core than previous versions. There’s not a big difference in how to shoe and process our rubber shoe in comparison to a regular steel shoe.

It doesn’t require any special tools, just make sure to deepen / countersink nails carefully with pritchel, bolt or such. For farriers that shoe a lot of Öllöv horseshoes and want to make the clinching smoother, we have an Öllöv clinger with a pin to make sure nails stay in place while clinching. Once you get used to working with it, it takes the almost the same time to shoe as regular shoes.

You can grind off the rubber on sides without compromising the rest of the rubber and it is an advantage to remove some rubber from inside the clips for a tighter fit.

You are sure to appreciate how quiet it is to work with this rubber shoe and also notice how relaxed the horses are with the quiet shoeing.

To produce a shoe with a correct sliding phase on all surface, it has been our focus and is also subject to tests over and over. The naked hoof has been the base and we have seen that the slidingphase is close to naked hoof on tested surfaces. This was established in a study conducted by the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) already in 1998 -see the evaluation of sliding phase öllöv steel unshod at Öllöv Study SLU English b) - and again in tests done by Prof. Roepstorff and his OBST used to measure fibersand arenas also at Olympic games and worldcups etc. The slidingphase was also tested by students at Chalmers Technical University with same results in 2018.


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