Bringing European flair to Canada. Working with horses is such a special passion we all can share. The most important aspect of working with horses is that you never lose the passion and forget about the horse. They are our partners in our sport and part of our family. Patrick shares his insights with his horses and how you can support your horses health. 
Patrick is providing this unique offer and care to the equine world. We care for horses, love them and they deserve the best care and protection we can give them. We value our horses health, sometimes more than our own.
Patrick was born and raised in Germany. Growing up, he competed in both disciplines; jumping and in higher levels of dressage with his own horses Filou and Diamond. Owning horses since he was a child, he’s dedicated and committed to the equestrian world.
Living and working until 2018 in Germany as a certified Occupational Therapist, Patrick is empowered to support and help horses, as well as people to reach their full potential in a natural, unlimited physiological way. Using the Sound Wave Therapy on clients, working in an orthopaedic hospital  and using Öllöv horseshoes on Patrick’s own horses for many years.
Occupational therapist Patrick hesse

Having an expanded community and contacts in Germany and Canada allows him to introduce innovative ways, traditional and new products as well as physical treatments that both countries can share and benefit from. You will find items and services that were developed, and have been clinically and scientifically proven in Europe over many years.

Equine Athletes is Patrick's brand. The brand is focused on comfort for the horse and the ability to use for everyone. With the brand, Patrick really wants to bring all the equestrian worlds together and show what it is all about and why we have to care about our horses, as this always starts of as a great passion. 

Patrick: “I am very excited and grateful that I get to work with amazing people and I will always aim for the best for the horse. I feel very lucky and so happy with the support that brand has had so far".

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